Our Code of Conduct

All our work is of the highest quality and Guaranteed

We work from 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday

All disruption will be kept to a minimum at all times to enable you to get on with your daily routine.

If neighbours have a query at any time, we are happy to oblige.

Scaffolding will be erected before any work can start.

The removal of scaffolding will be as prompt as possible after works are complete.

Although we have excellent professional relationships with our scaffolding suppliers, we can't guarantee their prompt response as they are a third party businesses in their own right.

All areas of your property will be left clear of debris after every working day. If clearance of any debris is required, we will set aside an area to accommodate this until the earliest convenience for collection is available.

Any unforeseen work requirements will be discussed as an extra, as soon as they arise with photographic evidence presented.

We are not responsible for dust and debris damage to items of value that are left on loft areas as work commences.

Any ceiling areas close to the roof area may experience some miner plaster damage from vibrations.

We are not responsible for this, but we will compromise to rectify the damage after the works are complete, should the need arise.